CNCF-hosted Co-located Events North America 2023 are taking place November 6. This event is happening in person at McCormick Place West in Chicago, Illinois.

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*Cloud Native Telco Day + CiliumCon will be available via live stream on our virtual platform,  all other co-located event recordings will be available 48-72 hours post-event on the CNCF YouTube channel.

Monday, November 6

9:00am CST

9:15am CST

Wiring Cloud Native Applications for Local Development - Mauricio "Salaboy" Salatino, Diagrid & Oleg Šelajev, AtomicJar W178ab Cross Cluster Execution of Argo Workflows - Shrinand Javadekar, Outerbounds, Inc. W187abc Driving the Platform at Deutsche Bahn with Crossplanes Provider-Argocd - Dennis Murtic, Deutsche Bahn; Jan Willies, Accenture W185abc Enforcing Supply Chain Security and Simplifying Compliance Audit for ArgoCD Deployments - Gopinath Rebala & Gopal Dommety, OpsMx W184abcd How to Adopt Backstage: Lessons from 20 Adopter Interviews - David Tuite, Roadie W196abc From Imagination to Implementation: Inside Adobe's Production-Grade Deployment with Cilium - Joseph Sandoval & Tony Gosselin Adobe W179ab WebAssembly Component Model: Enhancing Security, Productivity, and Green Computing - Bailey Hayes, Cosmonic & Kate Goldenring, Fermyon Technologies, Inc. W180 Transforming Data Processing with Kubernetes: Journey Towards a Self-Serve Data Mesh - Rakesh Subramanian Suresh & Jainik Vora, Intuit W471ab Cloud Native Data on K8s: The Good, Bad, and the Unknown - Michael Cade, Kasten by Veeam W193ab Envoy - Overview and Update: Senior Envoy Maintainer, Alyssa Wilk W175abc Unraveling Istio: A Tale of Scale, Challenges and Triumphs at DevRev - Khushboo Mittal & Kush Trivedi, DevRev W470ab Building a Multi-Cluster Privately Hosted LLM Serving Platform on Kubernetes - Julian Bright & Noah Yoshida, Predibase W194ab Kubernetes: Enabling Edge Workloads - Sally OMalley, Red Hat W192abc Project Updates W176abc

9:50am CST

Lessons Learned Migrating an Existing Product to a Multi Tenant Cloud Native Environment - Natalia Angulo & Carlos Sanchez, Adobe W178ab 300 Hours of Repetitive Work in Just 3 Hours by Leveraging Argo Workflows and ArgoCD - Anshul Mehta & Suman Das, Atlan W187abc Building a Bridge Between Argo CD and Terraform - Carlos Santana, AWS & Nicholas Morey, Akuity W185abc Managing Argo CD Multi-Tenancy Effectively - Gerald Nunn, Red Hat W184abcd GenAI in Backstage - Turbocharge Your Developer Productivity! - Ben Wilcock, VMware W196abc Controlling Access to External APIs with Cilium - Luis Ramírez, SuperOrbital W179ab Running Linux-Based Containers on Wasm and Browser with Container2wasm Converter - Kohei Tokunaga, NTT W180 Zero-Touch Fault-Tolerance for Cloud-Native Geo-Distributed Databases - Selvi Kadirvel, Elotl Inc & Aman Nijawan W471ab Building a Self Service DBaaS for Your Internal Developer Platform - George Hantzaras & Dan Mckean, MongoDB W193ab A Spotify Success Story: The Migration of the Web Proxy Layer to Envoy - Sabrina Zotti & Oliver Soell, Spotify W175abc Architecting Ambient Mesh for Scale - John Howard, Google W470ab How We Power the Largest AI Deployments on the Planet: Running Virtual Clusters at Scale - Brandon Jacobs, CoreWeave & Lukas Gentele, Loft Labs W194ab Pi in the Sky: Onboarding Edge Workloads Into the Service Mesh! - Marino Wijay & Nina Polshakova, Solo.io W192abc Business Observability -- FinOps at Grafana Labs - Richard Hartmann, Grafana Labs W176abc

10:20am CST

10:25am CST

10:30am CST

10:35am CST

10:40am CST

10:50am CST

10:55am CST

11:05am CST

11:30am CST

11:40am CST

12:10pm CST

12:15pm CST

12:20pm CST

12:25pm CST

12:30pm CST

12:35pm CST

12:40pm CST

1:00pm CST

1:15pm CST

1:30pm CST

Crafting Resilient and Scalable Systems with Orchestration and Choreography Patterns on Kubernetes - Carlos Santana & Mithun Mallick, AWS W178ab Extending Argo Projects: Customizing Argo CD and Argo Rollouts for Your Needs - Leonardo Luz Almeida & Zach Aller, Intuit W187abc How to Train an LLM with Argo Workflows and Hera - JP Zivalich, Pipekit & Flaviu Vadan, Dyno Therapeutics W184abcd Scaling Argo Events for Enterprise Scheduling: A Case Study from Intuit - Antonio Si & Prema devi Kuppuswamy, Intuit W185abc What Does Backstage Really Offer – Looking Beyond Catalog and Templates and Into the Core Platform - Himanshu Mishra, Harness.io W196abc Secure Infrastructure with Combined Runtime and Network Security - Thomas Graf, Isovalent W179ab Future of CNCF + LFN's Telco Initiatives - Taylor Carpenter, Vulk Coop & Ranny Haiby, The Linux Foundation W193ab Syscall Me by Your Name: Sandboxing Wasm Programs - Ryan Petrich, Two Sigma Investments W180 CSI Driver X FUSE Drivers: a Kubernetes Object Storage Solution for AI/ML Data Portability - Jiaxun Song, Google W471ab Envoy Gateway: An in-Depth Guide of Its Benefits, Use Cases, and Features - Ekansh Gupta, Zeta; Shivanshu Raj Shrivastava, Independent W175abc Identity, Istio, And You - Jackie Elliott, Microsoft W470ab Improving GPU Utilization and Accelerating Model Training with Scheduling Framework and NRI - He Cao, ByteDance W194ab Multi-Tenancy Architecture Lessons Learned - Bob Walker, Octopus Deploy W192ab Huddle - Insightful Latency Optimizer for Clusters with Sparse and Complex App Flows - Yash Bhatnagar, Google W176abc

1:45pm CST

2:05pm CST

2:30pm CST

2:35pm CST

2:40pm CST

2:45pm CST

2:50pm CST

2:55pm CST

3:00pm CST

3:05pm CST

3:15pm CST

Preview Environments: Now Everyone Is Part of the Software Development Process - Ramiro Berrelleza, Okteto & Sully Martinez W178ab Orchestrating Rocket Simulations W/ Argo - Ken Caruso, Astra W184abcd Streamlining Big Data Workflows with Memoization & Work Avoidance - Alan Clucas, Pipekit & Julie Vogelman, Intuit W187abc Threat Model Report: Security Considerations for Hardening Declarative GitOps on K8s with Argo CD - Torin van den Bulk & James Callaghan, ControlPlane W185abc How Brazil's Stock Exchange Is Building a Developer Self-Service Platform with Backstage - Gregório Melo, Thoughtworks & Marcos Albino Rodrigues, B3 W196abc Day 2 with Cilium - What to Expect Running at Scale - Hemanth Malla & Maxime Visonneau, Datadog W179ab A Telco CNF Journey from Zero to Millions - Sharath Rao & Abdul Hannan Khan, Ericsson W193ab Orchestrating Wasm: Reconciliation Loops Aren't Owned by Kubernetes - Taylor Thomas & Dan Norris, Cosmonic W180 Make Your Kafka Cluster Production-Ready - Jakub Scholz, Red Hat W471ab Proxying HTTP/3 (QUIC) Using CONNECT-UDP with Envoy - Jeongseok Son, Google W175abc Bridging Trust Between Multi-Cluster Meshes - Lukonde Mwila & Ovidiu Valeanu, AWS W470ab Poisoned Pickles Make You Ill - Adrian Gonzalez-Martin, Seldon W194ab Panel: Unlocking the Power of Multi-Tenancy: Perspectives from Platform Leaders - Moderated by Welly Siauw, AWS; Mohan Atreya, Rafay Systems; Ritesh Patel, Nirmata; & Praseeda Sathaye, AWS W192ab Journey from Fluent Bit, Fluentd and Prometheus to OpenTelemetry Collector - Lessons Learned - Marcin "Perk" Stożek, Canonical W176abc For Founders from Founders: Lessons Learned from Recent Fundraises - David Aronchick, Expanso; Paula Kennedy, Syntasso; Mark Fussell, Diagrid; Moderated by Jesse Robbins, Heavybit Grand Horizon Ballroom F/G (Marriott Marquis)

3:45pm CST

3:50pm CST

Run Your CI in Code, Not YAML - Kyle Penfound, Dagger W178ab How We Made Backstage Improve Developer Efficiency of 1000+ Engineers - Wolfgang Gottesheim & Andi Grabner, Dynatrace W196abc Why KVStoreMesh? Lessons Learned from Scale Testing Cluster Mesh with 50k Nodes Across 255 Clusters - Ryan Drew, Isovalent W179ab Evolution of Application Visibility for Telcos: From Programmable Switches to Cloud Native - Himal Kumar, Canopus Networks & Thomas Graf, Isovalent W193ab Wasm Workers Server: Portable Serverless Apps with WebAssembly - Angel M De Miguel Meana, VMware W180 Stateful Applications and CD Pipelines: What We Learned from DevOps - Christopher Crow, Portworx & Stephen Atwell, Armory.io W471ab A Practical Guide to Understanding and Configuring Envoy Filters - Peter Jausovec, Solo.io W175abc Panel: Ask Me Anything About Istio Service Mesh - Lin Sun & Neeraj Poddar, Solo.io; John Howard, Google; Mitch Connors, Aviatrix & Eric Van Norman, IBM W470ab Constructing Kubeflow Super Nodes with Karpenter - Roland Barcia & Apoorva Kulkarni, AWS W194ab Enhanced Security for Multi-Tenant Architectures: Key Components and Best Practices - Naveen Chakrapani, Rafay Systems & Thomas Labarussias, Sysdig W192ab Observability Considerations for Infrastructure Cost Optimization - Alolita Sharma, Apple W176abc Sponsored Workshop: Progressive Delivery with Argo Rollouts - Gerald Nunn, Red Hat W184abcd Sponsored Workshop: Promotion Between Environments - Dan Garfield, Kostis Kapelonis & Laurent Rochette, Codefresh W187abc Sponsored Workshop: Scaling Multi-cluster Management with Argo CD and Application Sets - Jesse Suen, Hong Wang, Alexander Matyushentsev, Nicholas Morey, & Christian Hernandez, Akuity W185abc

4:25pm CST

4:55pm CST

5:00pm CST

5:05pm CST

5:10pm CST

5:15pm CST

5:20pm CST

5:25pm CST

5:30pm CST


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